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Our Policy

We want people around the world especially people that doesn't have enough condition to learn any courses on Internet.

We establish a group buy to buy course from author salepage then sell back with cheaper price or for who don’t have strong financial support.

Each course on our webstie include videos, audio, slides, and text from the author. Sometime maybe it include some addition resources.

To be honest, this is not an Offical website. Therefore, to answer your question “it is legal”, my answer will be Yes and No.

- NO. Because we didn’t get approval from author to be his affiliate website or selling his course.

- YES. Because when we bought this course from author’s salepage, he didn’t tell me that I cannot resell.

All registration information and your email address are automatically encrypted and anonymous, so it's safe.

We use my private server to send the download link to customers. Therefore, all the information will be kept autonomous. We are totally safe and secure here with us.

Purchases & Refunds

We accept several type of payments such as PayPal ,
, WMZ,
Skrill and Credit card & Debit ( . However, we strongly recommend to use Stripe & Paypal make a paypmen because it is a safest and super security for you as well as for us

We will refund for the product that we can not provide. If your order has any problems please contact us and we will do our best to assist. Thank you for your understanding. Your patience is highly appreciated.

We have several events in one year. Please check our website regularly and your luck will come. Standard discount offer is 15% - 20% off.

When you are going to make a payment for 2-3+ courses or mass order, please contact at here or via email & skype us [email protected]. We will provide a coupon code to get a better offer.

After you pay for any course on our site our support team will send the download link to your email.

In some case, the link is broken for any reason, please contact our support team and they will resend the link within a few hours business day. Your patience is highly appreciated


When you buy and sell courses on brainlearns, you’re joining 20,000+ serious experts, entrepreneurs

and influencers around the world — you know, people like you.


— Boss Hub

Meditation Practitioner - NLP

“ I’m very satisfied and happy I cant say from word. I’m a student of Burt Goldman. in 2011 I used his meditation program which I bought from today. at that time as an app. but after a few months, I lost app data. and. looking through a very long time
thankyou thankyou thankyou so much.
I appreciate work. once again I can’t say from word thankyou so much. ”


— Kathleen D.


“ If you find a brainlearn’s course of interest, I highly recommend it. I’ve taken three courses so far and have been very satisfied with the instructors, course homepages, having access to transcripts/videos indefinitely and the technical support staff. Extremely enlightening and professionally done. Bravo! ”


— Allyson

Art director

“ Sharing my intense gratitude for the course I decided to take through you with Gregg Braden. Over and over again, I find myself sort of broken open directly to humbling gratitude — my heart is laid bare in the most beautiful way that there is a new level of astonishment!. Thank you. ”


— Joan Randolph


“ I am very grateful to for not only bringing Adrianna and her very precious wisdom to me, but for being so kind and thoughtful about the way you do it. I’m speaking for myself but I’m certain that many other attendees feel the same gratitude. Thank you from my whole heart.. ”


— Gladys Kravitz

CEO at Thimpress

“ Thank you for your recent conversation with Curtrice Goddard about race on this year’s EM Summit. This was the most inspiring talk I’ve ever heard on Helping to make energy medicine more available to communities of color has been on my mind as I think about shaping my own energy medicine practice. Thank you so much for all the beautiful work that you do! ”


— Dawn Schwarz

WordPress Developer

“ I want to express my deepest gratitude for the beautiful work you are doing. You are bringing so much light, calm and inspiration into our very souls. I have enjoyed several summits and explored areas I may not have considered before, and I am growing in such expansive ways. ”